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I.A.N. Fond has always distinguished itself for the engineering approach with which it manages the problems submitted by the Customer, for the large production capacity available and for the completeness of the solutions that can be used.

Our aim is to guarantee our clients complete satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we are constantly striving to grow and improve , applying our dynamic philosophy to the goals of technological innovation, reliability and service.

Our Know How of 40 years is mainly aimed at the world of high-end chromed tapware but we are also investing considerably in the world of "raw" items.



Shell casting in "gravity"
Our production makes use of five different ovens on which they operate daily 25 work stations for the gravity casting .

An additional oven , the sixth, smaller than the others, is dedicated to making samples rather than managing special materials.



Shell casting in "Low pressure"
For more demanding projects we also have a low pressure melting plant that operates 16 hours a day .

"Low pressure is perhaps the only fusion technique that allows to approach in an" industrial "way a process otherwise belonging to the world of arts and crafts.
When it is important to control the "Rejection rate" and the repeatability of the process, when the quality rises or even the dimensions of the piece to be made become more demanding, the "Low pressure" technique is the only one you can imagine use "



In support of our production, and in order to guarantee and certify a high quality standard, we have:

  • Workshop for the maintenance of customer equipment
  • Internal animisteria
  • Robotic and manual cutting
  • Stero sandblasting
  • "green" (ecological) impregnation system
  • Internal cleaning

I.A.N. FOND specialises in the production of sanitary items ( traditional taps, thermostatic taps, electronic taps, designer taps, clinical taps, and taps for professional kitchens), beer taps and pumps, filters, industrial valves, hydrothermic manifolds and other related articles produced to customer specification. The above-mentioned types of articles can be produced by means of “Gravity” or “Low Pressure” technology.Our products are supplied having undergone an impregnation process, which eliminates the slightest microporosity present. Upon request, casting batches can be produced using special brass alloys with low lead content.

  Via C. Battisti 83/85 - 28045 Invorio (NO)
  +39 0322 255698
  +39 0322 538369
  C.F. P.IVA 00589450030
  SdI code: RWB54P8

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