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1970 I.A.N. FOND was founded in 1970 in Borgomanero, in the province of Novara, as a company of craftsmen. The company was initially geared to production on behalf of third parties, and exclusively in the field of sanitary taps.

1979 the company transferred to much larger premises, which were situated in 2,000 square metres of land in Invorio (Novara), which nestles in the magnificent surroundings of Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
Throughout the 1980’s, I.A.N. FOND continued to grow, steadily acquiring new clients on a national scale and pushing on with its quality targets. Continuous investment in technology between the end of the 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s, encouraged innovation in the machinery and the company premises.

1992 I.A.N. FOND expanded its market further with its first orders from abroad.

1994 the first diesel generator was installed , with the purpose of independently supplying electricity for the company. the first extension to the company was made, with the construction of a new building, which housed the deburring sector and the distribution warehouse.

1999 in order to comply with the new environmental laws governing atmospheric emissions, the diesel generator was replaced with a gas one. The foundry area was extended and further foreign clients were acquired.

2000 automated zones were introduced for the deburring of the casting channels, the premises were further extended with the construction of the new Cores Department.

2002 an external ecological area was built for the separation and recycling of waste products. I.A.N. FOND now occupied an area of 30,000 square metres, 6,000 of which were covered.

2003 Technological expansion with the introduction of automatic machinery with Low Pressure technology.

2007 Introduction of a new island melting dedicated to special brasses which CB752S - CuZn35Pb2Al-C antidezincificante brass, CuZn36Pb0, 25Al As brass antidezincificante low lead content, CuZn39Pb0, 25Al-B brass with low lead content, brass DM 174, brass DIN 50930-6/8.7.2 German law. Development of the area on the machining of castings.

2014 The generational transition process begins. The company passes into the hands of the current C.E.O. Ivan Mora and at the same time a reorganization process starts at all levels, from production to quality up to the management of the company itself.


2017 Engineer Colombo joins the company as a management consultant and in 2019 joins the board of directors alongside Mr. Mora.

2018 The restructuring process can be said to have been completed. Today I.A.N. FOND is a modern company with a great know-how relating to brass and all the problems related to it.

In particular I.A.N. FOND is an irreplaceable partner as regards drinking water regulation issues "Drinking Water Regulation" & UBA List.

Thanks to the network of collaborations developed in the last 4 years I.A.N. FOND is now able, thanks also to its partners, to support its customers in all problems related to the vast world of BRASS .

  Via C. Battisti 83/85 - 28045 Invorio (NO)
  +39 0322 255698
  +39 0322 538369
  C.F. P.IVA 00589450030
  SdI code: RWB54P8

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