I.A.N. FOND - C.E.O. Ivan Mora

Company philosophy
Our only desire is for complete client satisfaction. In order to achieve this aim, we constantly strive to grow and improve, to be able to always guarantee competence, professionality and practicality. Right from the very start, our aim has been to adhere to long-established values.

We are steadfast in our desire to produce our products in the optimum way possibile. To achieve this goal, meticulous daily checks are made and each phase of the production cycle is recorded. We carefully select the raw materials and production is tested on a daily basis. We constantly monitor the state of the dies and ensure that the machinery and equipment used, work with the utmost efficiency. In short, we go out of our way to guarantee a supply of consistently top-quality products, which satisfy the requirements of our customers.

We always aim to be at the cutting-edge. Step by step, we have continued to improve our premises, purchasing new machinery and investing in state of the art know-how. All of which means that all those who work in or for our reality, do so with the greatest professionality and in the utmost safety. We are very aware that in order to obtain significant results, it is important to have an open and dynamic mentality.

We feel that time is one of the best guarantees of a company. Throughout the years, we have always fostered our relationships with those around us. We are pleased to be able to say that both our clients and our suppliers have found in us a solid and reliable partner. We are keen to stress that we believe in the truth, in other words, we only make promises we can guarantee to keep.

We believe in the importance of communication. I.A.N. FOND is essentially made up of people. We are therefore proud of our capacity to consolidate on a daily basis, our professional and social relationships with our clients, our suppliers and all those who work with us. We are happy to listen to our clients’ needs , while communicating our ideas, weighing up opportunities together and assisting at every phase of the working relationship.

Ecological awareness
We care about maintaining the good health of our environment and for this reason we work in such a way as to reduce to an absolute minimum the impact upon it. All of our machinery, equipment and production cycles are constantly tested and maintained to comply with the current laws. Our ecological area is used to separate, recycle and dispose of all waste material deriving from our production cycle.

  Via C. Battisti 83/85 - 28045 Invorio (NO)
  +39 0322 255698
  +39 0322 538369
  C.F. P.IVA 00589450030
  SdI code: RWB54P8

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