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Casting simulation

We take care of the entire process of construction of the casting equipments by providing a turnkey package consisting of Study / Simulation of the process, construction of the equipment and related functional testing on the machine including any changes to achieve the best possible quality.

Only in this way, following every details of the development of equipments, IAN FOND could be able to guarantee the achievement of the hight customer's quality objective.

Core boxes, steel mold and copper mold with single or multi-shape.
The highter technology and all our Know How applied to the development of our customer's products.



Lots of any size
By marrying our flexibility to the large production capacity that distinguishes us, we are able to satisfy requests ranging from a few tens of pieces up to in orders of tens of thousands of pieces / month

Consignment Stock
We are able to provide a Consignment Stock service of cast products but also cast and already worked.

The goods remain the property of the supplier until this is picked up by the customer, albeit stored in the customer's warehouse. The deposit account stages are:

  1. The goods are on consignment at the customer's warehouse
  2. The customer withdraws the necessary quantity of goods according to his needs (only at this time and only for the quantity withdrawn, the goods actually passes ownership from the supplier to the customer).
  3. The supplier receives from the customers the data relating to the withdrawals made and therefore to the goods that have passed ownership.

The supplier, on the basis of the data received, takes care of replenishing the stocks in the customer's warehouse and thus returns to point 1.
The advantages for the customer are to have lower management and financial fixed costs (the stocks are not owned by him until he picks them up) and have a zero supply lead-time (the goods are always present). For the supplier it is advantageous because it needs less space for stocks (they are in fact stored by customers), has more information on the actual state of sales and has the security of a long-term order.

Contract management on behalf of third parties: not just mergers.
“The Lean approach is based on an important and simple principle: focusing our attention on the flow and timing of the overall crossing of materials will reveal the main wastes and non-value added activities to be eliminated. The elimination of these wastes and the related improvement in the efficiency of the flow of materials, will lead the Company to obtain important improvements of all the indicators / KPIs of the procurement process. "

Today, after 40 years invested only and exclusively in the production on behalf of third parties of brass products, IAN Fond can manage, on behalf of its Clients, some of the most demanding orders by acting order in coordinating all or part of the supply chain involved in the supply.

Our know-how, combined with that of our partners, allows us to be able to supply cast or hot stamped and processed products whether they are raw, nickel or chrome plated.




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