Ecological awareness

We care about maintaining the good health of our environment and for this reason we work in such a way as to reduce to an absolute minimum the impact upon it. All of our machinery, equipment and production cycles are constantly tested and maintained to comply with the current laws. Our ecological area is used to separate, recycle and dispose of all waste material deriving from our production cycle.

Ecological awareness

Brass machined

• CB753S – CuZn37Pb2Ni1AlFe-B

• CB753S – D.M. 174

• CB752S – CuZn35Pb2Al-C

• CB752S – CuZn36Pb0,25Al

• CuZn39Pb0,25Al-B

• Brass DIN 50930-6/8.7.2

Company Profile

I.A.N. FOND is located in an area of 2000 square meters located at Invorio, town set in the beautiful area of Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore in the province of Novara.



Our goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We are a dynamic attentive to technological innovation.



We believe in the importance of communication. We are therefore proud to be able to consolidate every day working and social relationships with our customers, our suppliers and all those who work with us.